Pedal for Souls

Are you a cyclist with a passion for the unreached? You can fund your passion along with like-minded people to raise bikes for GFA missionaries.


We are sharing our passion to reach the most unreached with the person we love the most – the Lord Jesus Christ. When we ride, we think of GFA-missionaries who cycle over treacherous terrain to get to remote places, too far to reach on foot. 

Pastor Kalash is one of our missionaries who used to walk miles every day to share the Gospel in the nearby villages. He said “I had enthusiasm and zeal for the work of God, but my work was limited because I had no means to reach the villages that were farther away,”  All this changed when he was given a new bicycle for his ministry. As a result, the work is expanding to new places. 

At only £70, a bicycle is one of the best tools for missionaries because it immediately doubles or triples their outreach capacity. And as these bicycles are built to withstand rough terrains and carry heavy loads, they are perfect for transporting literature or a co-worker on the backseat.

You can start your journey in a few simple steps:

  • Pray about becoming involved in Pedal for Souls
  • Let us know about your decision so we can support you
  • Join an existing Pedal for Souls ride or plan your own
  • Create a fundraising page via

Our next Pedal for Souls ride:

  • Coast and Castles, 9th-11th July, from Newcastle to Edinburgh

Previous Pedal for Souls rides:

  • Way of the Roses, June 2013 - Covering 173 miles and raising over 30 bikes for missionaries

More Information:

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