It was late at night when Bahumathi heard her son Kaanan stir and rush outside, but she was used to it by now. Naasih always called late at night, ready to teach Kaanan more about mantras and witchcraft, and Bahumathi knew it would be worth it. Naasih offered incredible powers to her son—powers of spiritual transformation. And tonight, Kaanan might even learn the secrets to eternal peace.

July 2013

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Young Man Masters Mantras

Kaanan's parents were the ones who inspired his career path in the first place. They raised him to worship their gods and goddesses and to respect the powers of witchcraft. After high school, he studied under a guru named Naasih, who taught him mantras capable of causing great spiritual transformation.

The guru and student held their practices by their religion's most revered river, where followers believe at least one bath is required to attain eternal peace. Late at night, in sight of the "holy" river, they practiced their mantras until Kaanan mastered them.

Before long, Kaanan achieved fame for his skills. If a baby cried without end, people asked Kaanan to chant his mantras, and the baby would be calm for hours. Villagers began calling him for family problems, sicknesses, land disputes and virtually every other problem they had. They even invited him to lead rituals in religious ceremonies, and Kaanan's influence increased.

Kaanan's life was everything he and his parents could have hoped for. One day, however, a man came to the village with a message that threatened to bring Kaanan's career to a swift end.

Famous Shaman Battles New Power

Booklet's Message Threatens Shaman's Power

GFA World pastor Sabal and the people from his church were friendly enough, but when Kaanan read the piece of literature they gave him, he knew the group had to go.

As Kaanan read the booklet, called "You Can Be Free," his anger grew. The message was hopeful—beautiful even—and he knew if such literature reached the hands of the villagers, they would receive its message and turn their backs on their traditional beliefs in a heartbeat. They would betray their gods, and Kaanan's role in the community would be gone.

He started thinking about how to get rid of the pastor and quickly became consumed by the idea. A few days later, when he saw the pastor sharing Christ's love in another village, his anger boiled over.

He grabbed Pastor Sabal and said, "Do you know who I am? I will bind you and recite my mantras and make you stand upside down on your head!"

"I belong to Almighty God. He is with me, so you can do no harm to me," Pastor Sabal replied, fueling Kaanan's rage.

"This is your last day," the shaman said.

Confident of his powers, Kaanan opened his mouth to say his mantras and unleash his wrath, but when he tried to put words together, all he could do was stammer.

Famous Shaman Battles New Power

The mantras he had spent so long learning and refining, the mantras he had put his trust and confidence in failed him. He could not speak. Somehow, this minister's God had taken his powers—all of them. Kaanan fell to the ground in defeat.

"I lost the battle," he said.

As Kaanan tried to comprehend what had happened, Pastor Sabal left immediately. When Kaanan came back to his senses, he couldn't find the pastor anywhere, so he went home.

Defeated Shaman Embraces Christ

Kaanan had a temple in his house filled with sacred images he normally sought strength from. That day, however, he ignored them and pulled out the booklet Pastor Sabal had given him. He began reading it again. Although the message still upset him, he didn't get angry this time—he felt guilty.

The next time he saw Pastor Sabal, he desperately sought to make amends for the way he had treated God's messenger. He shared how God had changed his heart and fell at the pastor's feet in tears.

After talking with Pastor Sabal, Kaanan went home and told his entire family about his decision to follow Jesus. He told them that Jesus is Lord and the gods he had been following did not have ears to hear.

Despite Kaanan's account of how his powers had failed in the face of the living God, his wife, parents and siblings mocked him. A few days later, though, Kaanan got the opportunity to demonstrate his new God's power.

Famous Shaman Battles New Power

Shaman Calls on Christ in Final Battle

Demons began attacking every member of his family, but Kaanan wouldn't use his old mantras. He was only willing to call on one power now. "I will take the name of Jesus and pray for you," he said. "If you believe in the name of the Lord Jesus, see how the spirits will leave you and go away permanently."

As Kaanan prayed, God released the family members from their torment. One by one, the demons screamed and left. With all doubts removed, the family listened to what Kaanan had to say about Jesus, and everyone chose to embrace His love.

Today, Kaanan is working to build a new kind of reputation. After sharing the Good News with the neighbours who formerly revered him, Kaanan decided he needed to take the message farther, so he joined a Bible training programme to work in full-time ministry.

Instead of proclaiming his own power, he gratefully shares the mighty work God did in him and his family.

"Jesus is the only way to salvation," he said. "All mantras are hopeless. Now we have joy and peace at home and in our lives."

Famous Shaman Battles New Power

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