A man doesn’t suddenly walk after four years of paralysis. But perhaps the strangest part of Tanveer’s miracle was that no one dared to ask questions. Tanveer and his family would have been happy to answer them, but there was a power the villagers feared more than the strange God who healed their neighbor. That power was named Ekanath.

August 2013

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Daughter-in-Law Suffers Hemorrhage,
Finds No Cure

If anyone should have been excited about Tanveer’s healing, it was Ekanath, who was searching for healing for his own daughter-in-law Haadiyaa. She had been suffering from a hemorrhage for the last year, and the blood loss was slowly wilting her away.

Medical treatments failed, so Ekanath and his son Qays asked witchdoctors to sacrifice animals and perform special rituals for Haadiyaa’s healing. They took her to the temple and pleaded with their deities, but each day, Haadiyaa only grew weaker and her family grew less optimistic.

In the midst of their search for a cure, their neighbor Tanveer was healed of paralysis, but even this didn’t bring the Ekanath’s family hope. It couldn’t because Tanveer had received healing from the Christian God.

When Tanveer started walking again, Ekanath immediately became too busy ostracizing his neighbor from the community to let anyone listen to the man’s miraculous story.

Neighbor Healed and Nobody Cared

Father-in-Law Opposes Pastor, New Believers

When Tanveer’s pastor, Lahar, began visiting, Ekanath made sure he knew he wasn’t welcome.

“Don’t try to convert the people into a new faith,” he shouted. “You are … polluting our community!”

Pastor Lahar tried to share the Good News of Jesus with other villagers, but Ekanath warned them not to listen to the pastor. He threatened Tanveer’s family, too, saying the village wouldn’t help them in times of trouble or with their wedding and funeral ceremonies.

“Don’t believe on this God and pastor. They are liars,” he said.

Whether they believed him or not, Ekanath’s neighbors were too afraid to find out for themselves. When Pastor Lahar came to their doors, they didn’t answer. Meanwhile, Haadiyaa’s condition worsened without her ever knowing the man her father-in-law yelled at was the man who knew her cure.

Neighbor Healed and Nobody Cared

Pastor Meets Village’s Desperate Need

Pastor Lahar didn’t give up easily. Perhaps the people could dismiss the miraculous healing of one man, but after visiting the village several times, Pastor Lahar realized there was a way he could help that would allow everyone to see his good intentions.

The village already had a well and a hand pump, but that didn’t provide nearly enough water for the 500 families in the village. Every day, people walked two miles to get water for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Pastor Lahar realized what the people needed was a Jesus Well, and his leaders agreed. Soon, a new well was drilled near Tanveer’s house, and 200 families were able to fulfill their daily needs through it.

The generosity so touched the hearts of the villagers that even Ekanath stopped opposing Pastor Lahar, and everyone began talking to Tanveer and his family. Then Ekanath’s son Qays met Tanveer at the well one day. As the two men talked, the former outcast finally got to share his story.

Neighbor Healed and Nobody Cared

Son Hears Believer’s Story at Jesus Well

Tanveer had been paralyzed for four years when Pastor Lahar showed up at his house. The pastor normally ministered in a place 18 miles from Tanveer’s village, but when a local believer asked him to pray for a crippled man, Pastor Lahar willingly agreed.

When he arrived at Tanveer’s house, Pastor Lahar shared the Gospel with Tanveer and prayed for him. The same day, Tanveer received complete healing and eternal life.

Qays was excited to hear this story, and he shared with Tanveer about his wife, Haadiyaa’s illness. Tanveer encouraged him to bring his wife to Pastor Lahar’s church.

The following week, Qays and Haadiyaa attended a Sunday morning service and shared their problem with the believers. The entire congregation prayed for them, and afterward, Pastor Lahar shared the Gospel and asked them to trust Jesus for healing.

When the couple returned home, the whole family was astonished at what they found: Haadiyaa had stopped bleeding.

Neighbor Healed and Nobody Cared

Daughter-in-Law’s Healing Brings New Life

Just like Tanveer and his family, Haadiyaa, Qays and their son chose to follow Jesus the same day He demonstrated His healing power to them.

Every week, Pastor Lahar visits the two families to pray with them and teach them from the Bible. And most weeks, the two families take the journey between villages themselves, leaving at 6 a.m. so they can arrive on time for Pastor Lahar’s 10 a.m. worship service.

Ekanath no longer opposes the believers at all. He respects Pastor Lahar, heartily greets Tanveer and, though he doesn’t follow Christ himself, knows his son and daughter-in-law serve a God who does good and powerful things.

A Jesus Well does even more than provide water for an entire village; it opens the door for those who oppose Christ to hear the Good News. You can help soften hearts and change lives in more villages.

Give toward Jesus Wells.

You can provide a Jesus Well for an entire community for £850.


Jesus Wells, often located near GFA-supported churches or Bible colleges, provide hundreds of opportunities for missionaries to share the love of Jesus with the villagers who come for clean water.

Originally published: August 2013

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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