New Testament Lies Dormant for Years

Pastor Sushant sent in this report of what the Lord is doing in Nepal.

Last weekend, I was invited to speak at another GFA World-supported pastor's church. That day, a 54-year-old man came to me and introduced himself as Bijay. He said we had met previously when he got a New Testament Bible during my outreach. It happened 10 years ago.

He was a Nepali Army man. Once, when he came home on holiday, I shared the Gospel with him and his family and gave him the New Testament. After a month, he went to another country for the Nepal Army. Unfortunately, he was badly injured; two bullets hit his left leg during the crossfire. While he was in the hospital, he had nightmares. He began to read some religious books to find peace, but he did not find peace.

He told his wife to bring him the Bible he had kept in his trunk. That New Testament Bible was the same one I had given to him. When he read the Bible, it soothed his heart and mind.

He learned how to pray from the Bible. He did not read the Bible as a book. He read with respect and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, Bijay is one of the active members in his church. His whole family came to the Lord. Before we parted, he gave me thanks for the Bible—the Word of God that saved his life.

Please pray the Lord would continue to work mightily through Gospel literature in Nepal.

June 2013

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