The high-voltage shock ran through Ranjan's body. The pipe he was trying to fix came in contact with a live wire and sent currents coursing into Ranjan, but no one stepped in to help rescue him. He was deserted yet again.

When the doctors later looked at his battered body, they gave little hope of survival.

"Only a miracle of God can save his life," they said.

December 2012

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Abandonment Was the Norm

Ranjan had grown up abandoned.

When he was just a little boy, his father ran out on the family, never to be heard from again. The scene replayed later when Ranjan's mother deserted him and his six-year-old sister to marry another man.

Alone, the children fought to survive. Their relatives did nothing to help take care of them, so eight-year-old Ranjan took upon his small shoulders the responsibility of keeping himself and his sister alive. He worked hard washing dishes for neighbours, barely earning enough to meet their needs.

At age 14, Ranjan traveled to another country to find work. He became a daily labourer and started to make a little more money. After a few years, he settled down and married a girl from his homeland.

Wanting to fully provide for his family, Ranjan sought instruction as a mason. By the time he finished his training, he and his wife were blessed with a son and a daughter, and Ranjan finally had a stable life. He had no idea of the disaster about to strike.

Ranjan Finds Hope After Tragedy

Never the Same

One day, Ranjan was working with a contractor to fix a pipe. It was supposed to be just a routine job, but as they worked, the pipe came in contact with a wire from a transmission line. Immediately, a high-voltage shock coursed through Ranjan's body. No one stepped in to rescue him, and later after being taken to the hospital, the doctors didn't mince words.

"There is no hope for his survival," they said.

But a miracle happened and he did survive. Still, the accident cost him greatly: He lost both his arms and legs.

As Ranjan spent the next 18 months in a hospital, the family's finances quickly dwindled away. His wife sought help from others, and donations from Christian organizations and various people enabled her to provide for the family. When Ranjan was transferred to another hospital, several Christian doctors encouraged him and shared the Gospel, but he didn't put his faith in Christ. He had his own gods.

Ranjan Finds Hope After Tragedy

Yet Another Blow

Ranjan's gods didn't do him much good as he faced desertion once again. Ranjan's faithful wife suddenly died. Because there was no one to take care of Ranjan, the hospital transferred him to an organization that would help him. They also hired his son, Dipal, as a driver and gave Ranjan a new wheelchair. The chair allowed him some mobility, but it was uncomfortable and needed a strong person to operate it.

During Ranjan's stay, many people shared with him from God's Word. As he continued to hear the Gospel, Ranjan was finally willing to listen and decided to embrace the love of Jesus.

However, a few years later, the organization dropped Ranjan from the programme and fired his son. They had nowhere to go. Was this God abandoning him, too?

God Didn't Forsake Him

When GFA missionary Tonkal heard about Ranjan's situation, he immediately set about helping him find a place to live. Tonkal found them a room near his home. Their new landlord even gave Dipal a job as his driver.

Tonkal began to regularly visit Ranjan and share Bible stories with him, and whenever Ranjan's son was out of town, Tonkal took care of Ranjan's needs.

As Tonkal saw how difficult it was for Ranjan to get around in his chair, he went to a leader of GFA World's gift distribution programme to see if Ranjan could get a new wheelchair. Much to Ranjan's joy, the money was provided. As he received the new wheelchair from the church, Ranjan had a big smile on his face.

"There are no words except thanks," he said. "I am grateful to the church for showing their love to me." Ranjan's entire life has changed. People are now eager to help him get around, and the chair is so simple that even a small child can push him where he needs to go.

Ranjan used to feel worthless because his relatives and others taunted him, but now he knows from the Bible the value God sees in his life.

He opened his house for Tonkal to lead a fellowship group, and believers from the area—including his son—gather to praise the Lord. As Ranjan continues to grow spiritually, he prays and gives thanks to God for his life.

"It is by God's grace that I am alive today," Ranjan declares. "Otherwise, I would have died. Thank you so much, Lord Jesus, for keeping me alive."

Ranjan is also thankful to the sponsor who provided the wheelchair and to the church for giving it to him. God used their kindness to save his life.

Ranjan Finds Hope After Tragedy

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