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Originally published March 2015

Flip flops squish the mud as raindrops splatter on the tops of trees and the heads of the four young women. For three months out of every year, it is rainy season in the Himalayas, and the GFA-supported film team ladies trek and climb and slip and slide up and down the mountain range. As the four walk through forests and grassy stretches, leeches cling to their skin. Even though the girls hate leeches, they peel them off and press on. One of the girls smiles. She’s carrying on her back a cone basket full of materials the film team needs—that the people in the next village need.

Originally published March 2015

The Cost of Sharing Christ

‘It Is Not Easy to Serve God’

Pasha, 23, leads this film team. She’s been serving the Lord and her people through film ministry for four years.

“Through these years, what I’ve realized is that it is not easy to serve God,” Pasha opens up.

Once, after the team traveled hours in the rain, struggling past fallen trees strewn across the mountains, with equipment in tow, the people in the village of Langdairo told them they couldn’t show the film—a film the women knew would bring hope to many, if only the villagers would watch it.

The people scattered across these mountains have a distinct subculture. Many are afraid Christ will strip them of the cultural heritage that makes them who they are, so many reject Him. Still, one kind soul offered the film team a place to stay.

The women settled in the village of Langdairo and began what would be five months of ministry in that region.

The Cost of Sharing Christ

The Story That Breaks Barriers

First thing when the girls wake up, they have personal devotions. Then one of them cooks breakfast, squatting near a fire. They sit together and ask God to bring hope to those in desperate need. They travel to a nearby village, where local authorities have already given permission for them to show the film, and talk with people about Jesus. In the late afternoon, they pound posts in the dirt and stretch the projector screen across the posts. Night falls and people gather.

Then the screen lights up, and for a few potent hours, the villagers’ preconceptions about the Christian God fall, and many see Jesus as He is.

The story ends and Pasha walks to the front of the crowd. This is why she serves in film ministry.

Joy pulsing through her veins, she shares about her God. She tells the souls, some questioning, some crying, some glad, but all needy, that she and her friends are available to talk and pray.

Except for on freezing winter nights, the team and the crowd will stay for a second film. Near midnight, having talked and prayed and torn down the equipment, Pasha and the ladies return to Langdairo and collapse into bed, hungry but too tired to cook dinner. Many of their days are like this.

The Cost of Sharing Christ

Opposition Draws Her Closer to God

As the women continued ministering in Langdairo and praying for an opportunity to share the film there, the Lord answered, and the villagers gave them the chance to screen the film.

The Cost of Sharing Christ

But when they did show it, no one opened their hearts to the grace of God—not one person did during the entire five months they were living in Langdairo.

Opposition is normal. In one village, a man went around before the team arrived, telling everyone not to listen to the women. He threatened them with a stick but didn’t beat them because they were women. Sometime later, they found themselves in the same public transportation as the man. He sat in the front and, pretending not to notice the women, ridiculed them, even saying the villagers needed to chase the team out of the village.

Pasha sat silent. The man’s words felt like blows to her ears and her heart.

“Being young, when that man humiliated us before people and opposed me, I was so hurt,” Pasha tells us honestly. “But when I read God’s Word, it says, ‘He who rejects you rejects Me.’ It encouraged me a lot. When people were against me, it made me closer to God. I faced a lot of opposition, but God was with me always.”

When people oppose her, Pasha’s burden for them only increases, and God gives her the encouragement she needs to move forward.

The Cost of Sharing Christ
The Cost of Sharing Christ

All for Precious People

After the women left Langdairo, they heard great news. GFA World-supported pastors had gone to the village to follow up, and two families trusted in Jesus.

“We were filled with joy!” Pasha remembers. “We thought, Our labour is not in vain. … We were really thankful to God.”

These sisters, who cook and cry and laugh together, care deeply for their people. They know the cost and they see hope, so tomorrow again they will gladly climb up and down the mountains, peel leeches off their skin and endure persecution so precious people can see Jesus in all His humanity and, someday, know Him in all His glory.

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