Thirty Children Embrace Christ at VBS

After more than three years of sharing God's love in the same area, Pastor Balaji still faced regular opposition from the local people. That didn't stop him from holding a Vacation Bible School programme, however. If he couldn't reach the adults, he would share Christ's love with the children of the village.

Surprisingly, nearly 50 children were allowed to come to the free programme.

Each morning, the children arrived to learn Bible stories, memory verses, songs and personal discipline. They listened to missionary biographies and drew pictures of Bible characters. Pastor Balaji even got the district Sunday school director to come and teach the children.

"It was a great blessing for our children and our church," said a local believer. "Surely such activities will . . . shape our children's lives in godly ways."

By the end of the week, 30 of the children had decided to follow Christ. While some villagers may still oppose him, Pastor Balaji knows the children's transformation is a good step toward seeing the community soften toward the Good News of Jesus Christ.

May 2013

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