You're on your way to being the next chapter

As you’ve read, a lot of people still wait to hear about a God who loves them, but there aren’t many missionaries where these people live.  Many people have limited access to clean water, others struggle to survive because they earn less than £2 a day, others still have lost all hope… and sadly most of the world’s attention is elsewhere. But you can enter this story and, together with us, help re-write some of it.

For over 40 years, GFA World has focused its prayer, work and finances into issues like these, helping to send workers to take the love of Jesus to people with the least access to it.

How can you be the next chapter?

With intention and care, we can make small adjustments in our daily lives that free up moments for prayer and charitable giving. Putting down our smart phones for just 10 minutes opens up time to pray for those in need. Preparing a meal at home rather than dining out saves money that can help feed the hungry. Walking on shorter errands reduces petrol costs and spares funds to help someone break out of the cycle of poverty. When we simplify our lives and consume less, we gain freedom to devote more time and resources to little things that can make a big difference, in the lives of some of the poorest and most afflicted peoples on earth. And if we all do that, we can all become a part of the Revolution in World Missions.

You can make a start today for as little as £2 per month, and 2 minutes of prayer each month.  Just choose a ministry category to impact.

Clean Water

Have taps in your home? Not everyone does.

Provide Clean Water

Medical Ministry

When there's no hospital, GP surgery or pharmacy in reach.

Provide Medical Care