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I was born into a non-Christian family in India. We worshipped numerous gods, offering sacrifices to their idols in the temple. We used to go on pilgrimages to sacred places and took part in many religious festivals.

My mother was possessed by an evil spirit and we tried many ways for her deliverance, to no avail. Even our priests and exorcists could not help her. It was at that time that a certain pastor came to our house to share the Gospel. As he prayed for my mother, the demons left her, never to return. Astonished at the miracle that had taken place; we acknowledged that Jesus is Lord and confessed our sins to Him, accepting Him as our personal Saviour.

We joined the local church and started spending time in praying together and reading the Word, thus growing closer to the Lord. Gradually, we came to realise that He was calling me to work in His vineyard. Submitting myself into His mighty Hands, I enrolled in a Bible school.

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