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Missionary Ashok


I was born into a non-Christian family in India. We followed all the customary rituals. But, the sickness that we faced everyday took away all the cheerful moments of our family. We tried to do all sort of sacrifices to bring peace to our hearts. Everything seemed to be of no avail one after the other everyone fell sick constantly. As we were going through a hard time, one of my aunts shared about Jesus. In the beginning we did not take it seriously. Gradually, I started to think about those words. While seriously considering my past life, touched by the Holy Spirit I began to cry aloud confessing my sins before the Lord. He forgave me and filled me with peace and joy. The difficult situations in my home came to an end. We began to go to church and grew spiritually. Soon our lives were transformed. Later, I was confirmed of God's divine call. Thus, I enrolled in a GFA Bible School to be well-trained for the glorious ministry ahead.

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