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Missionary Ludhina


I was born into a non-Christian family in India. From childhood, I actively took part in all the rituals. But there was no peace in my life.
As I grew up, I started to indulge myself in all the bad things which were not good at all. One day, I suffered from a severe stomach pain. My parents took me to many hospitals, but the doctors could not find any sickness. The pain began to increase severely. Seeing my condition, my parents were very worried.
At this point in time, I visited a prayer center with the hope that I would be healed. Through prayer, I was healed. I started to attend the church and prayed regularly. As I attended a prayer meeting, the Lord spoke to my heart personally. The Holy Spirit convicted me of my sinful nature. Soon, I confessed my sins and received Jesus as my personal Saviour.
As I started cultivating a prayerful life, God put a burden to share His love. As God confirmed me of His calling, I enrolled in a Bible School. After my training, I joined the ministry.

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