Bring the Word of God to Asia

Can you imagine living as a Christian without a Bible? Think about it. When you want to know more about Jesus, or want to grow spiritually in your walk with Him, what book would you go to? The Bible of course!

What if you never saw a Bible in church and your pastor never used one because he didn’t own one?

Many in Asia do not have a Bible; therefore, they have no guide in their spiritual walks with the Lord and no way of sharing His word with others.


Provide missionaries with copies of the Bible to share.


Help Christians to grow deep in their relationship with Christ with their own copy of the Bible.


Provide necessary tools for those in leadership to guide and shepherd their flock!

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Story: Not Able to Get a Bible

Here is the difference a Bible made in the lives of one young couple in Asia.

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Fundraising Campaign

Through the myGFA fundraising tool, you can answer Jesus' call to share His love while inspiring the same desire in the hearts of others around you. These campaigns are to created to help the poor and equip missionaries in some of the most difficult areas of Asia—where millions have yet to experience His love.

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