Advocate With Us

Is God Calling You?

“Lord, what do you want me to do with this life you’ve given me?”

Your partnership can impact lives for eternity! Imagine being greeted in heaven by hundreds—even thousands—of people who have been deeply impacted by your work. This is the motivation for many of our Fundraisers as they carry out the Great Commission.

What Is Campaigning?

To spread awareness of what we do all around the world, we need the help of our incredible Advocates. Awareness to our organisation has a huge impact on what we do and on what scale we do it. Maybe you have a church or life group or a community online – we would love for you to join the indigenous missionary movement by sharing what we do at GFA World. We provide resources, training, materials, share-able campaigns, and a platform for you to join with other Advocates.

Our Community

One of the best things about becoming a part of the Fundraise team here is the fact that you become part of a community. Our office works hard behind the scenes and has a huge hand in changing the lives of thousands of people around the world. So, we feel it’s important to create a fun and encouraging environment for anyone who’s involved in any capacity. We want our team – whether that’s our staff in our office or it’s Fundraiser who’s miles away – to thrive and feel at home in our community, so we host events for everyone to join and meet each other, we provide resources and an online community, and give support wherever needed!

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So, Now What?

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We look forward to partnering with you, together fulfilling God’s call.

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