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The compelling Revolution in World Missions is helping us all see our purpose in life more clearly. The founder of a fast-growing movement shows us how one person can transform an entire generation. Sign up below and get this controversial book e-mailed to you, one 2-minute bite at a time.

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Christian leaders respond to Revolution in World Missions:

You need to read Revolution in World Missions. For a guy in our generation to be speaking these words, I don’t know that anyone else is saying them as clearly as he is.
Francis Chan
Author of Crazy love

Revolution in World Missions is one of the great classics of Christian literature, essential reading for those who desire to obey the mission of Jesus Christ.
Paul Blackham
Biblical Frameworks

Revolution in World Missions is a gift from God in raising the confidence and effectiveness in mission.
John McGinley
Executive Director of Myriad

I love Revolution in World Missions, it inspired me to dream bigger and go harder after Jesus.
Andy Hawthorne
Founder of The Message Trust