All of us are meant for more, and sometimes our comforts and fears hold us back.

Get the controversial “Revolution in World Missions” delivered to your e-mail inbox, one day at a time. This compelling story has all of us reconsidering our purpose in life, and realising the impact just one person can make on a world still to discover Jesus’ love.

We wanted everyone to experience this Revolution, but who has time to read a book anymore?  So we came up with a way to deliver this story to you in bite-sized e-mails each taking about 3 minutes to devour (like a great brownie!). Once you sign up, you’ll get a dose of Revolution e-mailed to you twice a week, 14 e-mails in all.

In these e-mails we’ll take you to the mission field, help you think deep about your purpose in life, let you walk beside frontline missionaries, experience real poverty, take a closer look at how mission works, and see what the prayers of a determined mother can do.

Prepare to have your view of the world and Jesus challenged as you experience this “Revolution in World Missions” with us.

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