Our Commitment to You

We are dedicated to good stewardship of the gifts you entrust to us, making sure they have the greatest impact possible in Christ’s name. GFA World is a UK registered charity and limited company, and is externally audited every year. We file our accounts with the Charity Commission and Companies House. Our mission partners in Asia are trustworthy, reliable, and strategically placed to transform whole communities in Asia through Christ’s love. All this is to ensure that your financial sacrifice truly makes a difference in the lives and eternities of the poorest and most afflicted peoples on the planet.

Our Donation Policy

GFA World supports a variety of field projects carried out by our mission partners in Asia.

We aim to honour your gift preferences but we retain discretion on how the funds are allocated. If needed, our mission partners may use a portion of your gift for a similar ministry project or to cover their overheads in administering ministry projects in Asia.

GFA World UK retains Gift Aid (including on donations preferenced for field projects) and “Where Most Needed” donations to cover our costs in the UK. We use this money to monitor the use of funds on the field, encourage Christians in the UK to be mission-minded, and mobilise financial and prayer support for Gospel ministry in Asia. For more information click here.

GFA World staff raise their own support to minimise the drain on the general fund.

Our Mission

Our mission in life is to be devout followers of Christ and to fulfil the Great Commission among the unreached through training, sending out and assisting qualified labourers in partnership with the Body of Christ.

Our Core Values

As a ministry, it is our fervent desire that all we do would flow out of our relationship with the Lord and His work within us. We established 10 core values to help us stay on course with the calling He has on our lives through this ministry. The first five relate to our inner life. The last five relate to the outflow of our lives to others. These core values are:

  1. Knowing the Lord Jesus more fully and intimately
  2. Being a people of integrity and excellence
  3. Living in submission to God’s Word
  4. Being a people of faith
  5. Being a people committed to prayer and worship
  6. Having a servant lifestyle
  7. Being a people of grace and love
  8. Serving sacrificially
  9. Being a people sold out to win the lost at any cost
  10. Being a people who work together with the Body of Christ

We strive to live by these values as God gives us grace. We believe that in doing so, we will reflect Christ’s life and make Him known to a generation that is dying without ever hearing His name.


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