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By giving to our Clean Water category, you will help GFA’s clean water ministry that delivers safe, disease-free water to families in Asia and Africa.

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How often?

Approximately 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to clean water, which adds unnecessary hardship to people’s everyday lives as they struggle to obtain this vital necessity

Finding water that will not cause death or illness in the family is a challenge many people around the world face. Many women and children are forced to walk hours each day to distant water sources, such as ponds or lakes, and even then the water may be contaminated. Sometimes they know this may bring death and sickness to their families, but they have no other choice.

Your gift could go towards:

  • BioSand Water Filters
  • Jesus Wells

It only takes as little as £20 to have a huge impact in providing clean water for families in need and showing the kindness of God to those who need to experience it.


I have been in this village for 22 years and had not seen anyone come to this village with help for us and our children. Our village has no electricity, and our children frequently get fever due to mosquito bites. Pastor Pekelo, not knowing who we are and our situation, visited us by walking five kilometres all the way to our village. We are ever grateful. Thank you.

Luane, whose village was provided with a free medical camp organised by a local National Missionary

Changing lives eternally

We have the opportunity to change lives not only here and now, but eternally in Asia. Did you know that around 80,000 people die every day in the 10/40 Window? Some of their lives may end without ever hearing about the love of God. We can make a choice today that will forever change the fate of those who have yet to hear.

Clean Water

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BioSand Filter

Many poor regions of Asia have no source of pure drinking water. Using concrete and sand, these bio water filters remove impurities, providing water for drinking and cooking that is 98 percent pure.
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Clean Water

Many people in Asia do not have clean water, and they battle waterborne illnesses as a result—or even succumb to death. Clean water will improve health and hygiene and will give peace of mind—all of which are expressions of Christ’s care.
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Jesus Wells

Jesus Wells, often located near GFA-supported churches or Bible colleges, provide hundreds of opportunities for missionaries to share the love of Jesus with the villagers who come for clean water.


Clean Water

Clean Water

Clean Water

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