Help us transform communities around the world this Christmas.

We want to lift up the broken, serve the weary, and give hope to a diverse world – giving to one of our categories can change a family’s life this Christmas and forever!

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Change a life this Christmas

How happy would you feel, how much would you celebrate, if you were the one who had donated to help break a family out of an endless cycle of poverty? Or helped someone taste clean water for the first time? Or to feel warm? Or to hear Jesus’ name for the first time. Well…, here’s your chance! We can help you share Christ this Christ-mas, with some of the poorest and most afflicted peoples on the planet.
And we think that THAT is something worth celebrating.

How can you make a difference?

Christmas - Number 1

Take a look

Find an opportunity to transform someone’s life from another part of the world – your gift could change not only one person's life, but whole communities for many years to come! You can browse through our giving categories to see what you'd like to give to.

Christmas - Number 2

Make your donation

There are many ways you can give. You can donate one or more smaller gifts (like a chicken or winter clothing) or make a larger donation to one of our categories (like Clean Water or Breaking the Cycle of Poverty) where it'll be used for whatever is most needed.

Christmas - Number 3

Choose your cards

If you are giving a gift in honour of someone, let them know by ordering a card that you can send them – letting them know that together you've changed someone's life! You can easily order the cards when you donate.

Christmas - Number 4

Change the world

Once you’ve given, you’ll receive more information about the work that’s happening on the mission field. We can even send you ways you can pray for specific missions! We’re so excited that you’re a part of the family now – let’s change the world together.

Watch how a small gift can go a long way…

It takes as little as £20 to have a huge impact in providing essential items for families in need and showing the kindness of God to those who need to experience it. Your gift could transform a community forever!

Make Christmas a life-changing one this year!

The impact of a simple gift can literally change a person’s life forever. Our vision is to reach everyone in the world with the love and hope of Jesus and to give every community we possibly can compassion, care, and practical help.

We’d love for you to be a part of our dream for the world! Not only can you change a life through a simple gift, but you can join us in praying for our missionaries on the field and the countries they live in. You can even join us on our team and give the gift of your time and skills! Let’s transform communities through God’s love together.

Take a look at our Giving Categories


One of the ways you can be a part of this journey is by donating! Your donation could show someone Jesus and have a major impact on their life. Don’t be discouraged if you can give just a small amount! £5 may not change the entire world, but it can completely change one person’s world.


One of our greatest assets is the transforming power of prayer. We would love for you to join us in praying for our missionaries and the people they serve! We come together every day to pray over the countries, churches, communities and partners that we serve – we'd love for you to join us in prayer (even if you’re not with us in person!)!

Get Involved

You can change lives through fundraising, volunteering, or even joining us on staff. Your time is a gift – if you’d like to fundraise at your church or want us to speak to your community about what we’re doing here at GFA World or you want to volunteer in our office, we would love to chat with you! Sign up to be the first to hear about opportunities!

See how your gifts change lives!

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*GFA World is dedicated to transforming communities throughout the world with the love of God in word and in deed. We are committed to honouring your gift preferences; however, your contribution must be made with the understanding that GFA World reserves the right to choose where and when your gift is spent, so as to allow us the flexibility to deploy resources in order to adapt to changing needs and circumstances. GFA World retains Gift Aid (including on donations preferences for field projects) and “Where Most Needed” (General Fund) donations to cover a portion of our costs in the UK. All gifts are subject to GFA World’s Gift Acceptance Policy: Please note the stated item costs in this catalogue represent the most common costs in the countries where GFA World partners work, but due to different economies and conversion rates, the cost of these items will vary.