Help Rescue Families
from Poverty & Show
Them Christ’s Love

Help Rescue Families from Poverty and Show Them Christ’s Love


You can give Dalits and others in tremendous need the chance for a better life for themselves and their families by helping to provide gifts such as chickens, sewing machines and Bibles. Through you, people in Asia will see Christ’s love for them.

Throughout the past few years, hundreds of thousands of families have been helped, and as they have seen God’s love and concern for them, many have put their hope in Christ.

Be part of helping those in need today.

Chickens make lots of eggs

For only £7 a pair, it’s a great way to provide a steady income for a family in Asia.

Milk-Producing Goats

Goats provide plenty of milk to drink and sell. A poor family would be blessed by the gift of a goat.

Bicycles Move Missionaries

Traveling from village to village is no longer a difficult burden for missionaries with this gift.

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Jesus Wells Change Whole Villages

Wells are the most cost-effective way to provide clean, fresh water to hundreds of people.

BioSand Water Filters

These simple filters remove impurities, providing clean water for drinking and cooking that is 98 percent pure.

Widows and Abandoned Children Ministry

Widows are viewed as cursed in South Asia. Abandoned children aren’t viewed much better. Provide them hope this year.

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Browse the different ways you can help families in Asia.

Gifts from the Stable Gifts for the Poor Gifts of Outreach Gifts for Missionaries Gifts for Missionaries

More Gift Options

Gospel for Asia Store

Visit the Gospel for Asia store to browse books by Dr. K.P. and Gisela Yohannan, DVDs, CDs and other helpful resources.

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Show the Love of Christ by Sponsoring

Bless families and whole villages by helping to provide an education for needy children or by supporting the work of national missionaries. Through you, communities will hear and see that Christ cares about them.

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Christmas Packages

Save time on your Christmas Catalogue shopping—choose conveniently prepackaged gifts and bless many families in Asia.

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Download four free Christmas colouring sheets to help your kids understand how simple gifts can impact those in Asia with Jesus’ love.

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Make an Even Bigger Impact

Inspire your friends and family to join you to share Christ’s love in Asia. Together, make a bigger impact than you could before!

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