By giving to our Livestock Category, you will help provide families with animals to help them create a stable income.

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How often?

How are chickens, cows and goats a display of Christ’s compassion? It’s simple, when a family receives one of these items, they’re blessed with the income the animal provides. Smaller animals reproduce quickly, and their offspring can be sold. Larger animals can plow a field or pull a cart.

Receiving a gift from the stable truly changes a life.

A gift for Livestock could go towards things like:

It only takes as little as £10 to have a huge impact in providing animals for families in need and showing the kindness of God to those who need to experience it.

I am so thankful to God for blessing me. My children could continue their education, and the income that I got from selling the piglets has enabled me to run the family without as much struggle. I am so excited, and I am very thankful to our (church) leaders for their love and concern for poor people like me.

Kia, who was gifted two pigs

Changing Lives Eternally

We have the opportunity to change lives not only here and now, but eternally in Asia. Did you know that around 80,000 people die every day in the 10/40 Window? Some of their lives may end without ever hearing about the love of God. We can make a choice today that will forever change the fate of those who have yet to hear.

Compassion Fills Bare Home with Joy

A mysterious illness caused Kalapi’s body to shake uncontrollably. For two years, she had difficulties walking, eating and drinking. Eventually, she struggled even to speak. Her family sought aid but found none—until they heard about a local Christian congregation. Kalapi went to the church, which is led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Boro Rai, and received prayer. It was there that she finally found deliverance, thanks to Jesus.

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Your gift towards chickens can help supplement a family’s income and often helps a family get on its feet financially.
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Cows and the milk they produce help families grow stronger, healthier and more financially secure.
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Your gift towards goats can rapidly improve a family’s financial situation.
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A sheep’s rich milk is an excellent source of calcium—an essential nutrient for young children
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These portly critters bring powerful financial breakthroughs to needy families.
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Water Buffalo

Water buffalo are powerful animals often used to plow fields.




September 2018

How Pigs Became an Answer to Prayer

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