Where Most Needed (General Fund)

By giving to our Where Most Needed (General Fund), you will help to meet our most pressing needs, whether in the UK or on the mission field.

Donate to the General Fund

How often?

Not sure what to choose? Giving to our General Fund gives us the flexibility to use your donation in whatever way we need it most. Do you know what produced this website? General Funds! Someone else gave a donation and enabled you and others to connect with all this wonderful work the Lord is doing on the mission field. Where Most Needed donations always ultimately multiply into more funds being generated for the work on the mission field.

It only takes a small amount to have a huge impact in giving towards the General Fund so many can hear about the love of God in the most effective ways possible. This includes stirring people in the West up to get involved in mission as well!

Where Most Needed (General Fund)

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Home Office Expenses

Your gift keeps GFA’s home offices running by covering the cost of everything from copy paper to the electric bill.