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Giving to Jesus Wells helps provide families + communities with life-saving and long-term clean water!

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How often?

Did you know that approximately 1.1 billion people worldwide have limited access to clean water? Many people in Asia + Africa have little to no clean water and they can experience deadly illness as a result. Clean water improves health, hygiene, and gives families peace of mind.  We love that we can all be a part of showing Jesus’ love + care to others!

Why do we need Jesus Wells?

Finding water that will not cause deadly illness is a challenge that many families and communities in Asia + Africa face.

Many women or children are forced to walk hours each day to far away water sources like ponds or lakes.  Even then, it’s no guarantee that the water won’t be contaminated!  Sometimes they know this may bring sickness or death to their families, but they have no other choice.

Watch how a Jesus Well Transformed a Community!

How do Jesus Wells change lives?

GFA is so excited to be able to gift safe, disease-free water to families throughout Africa + Asia. Each Jesus Well provides clean drinking water to approximately 300 people for up to twenty years of supply.

The water is freely offered to everyone, no matter what their religious or social backgrounds are. Giving safe water is a beautiful yet practical way to show people how much God loves and cares for them.  Jesus Wells can show whole communities the love and kindness of Christ!

How a Jesus Well is built + gifted

Often, other water well projects can cost thousands and thousands of pounds, but GFA World is able to drill a well for only £1000!

When we’re drilling a well, GFA hires a local contractor and we generally hire that same contractor to drill a large number of wells which means we often get a discount. Most contractors in Asia + Africa use simple equipment to drill and install wells, so from start to finish, their costs are low.

Wells are dug up to 200 meters to make sure water is available year-round, even during the driest summers.

Each well is installed with a heavy-duty handpump, which is a heavy-duty and long lasting piece of equipment designed through the collaboration of many world service organisations. Although the rubber seals will need to be replaced approximately every four years, the pump is intended to operate 20 million cycles before needing mechanical repair! This means that it has a lifespan of approximately 20 years – which includes eight hours of daily use.

Your donation to a Jesus Well could give clean, accessible water to an entire village for decades.


It takes as little as £20 to have a huge impact in providing essential clean and safe water for families in need and showing the kindness of God to those who need to experience it. Your gift could transform a community forever!

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