Searching for Jesus Through the Radio

Hansa’s uncle, Nand, lay in bed, succumbing to the tuberculosis that ravaged his body. “I am going to die,” he moaned. “Let me hear something pleasant. Let me have happiness in my life.” He had been bedridden for months; his only consolation in life was listening to the radio. So Hansa’s cousin turned it on and scanned the stations, looking for something to ease Nand’s mind.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you…” Hansa’s cousin took her hand off the radio dial, captivated by what she just heard. Soon, Hansa and 12 of her family members sat in front of the radio, listening to a message about Jesus Christ and His power to heal.

Hansa’s heart began to race. She wondered, Who is this Jesus this man is talking about? Can we be healed?

They kept listening.

“I am going to pray for you. If you have any kinds of problem . . . pray along with me.”

Woman smiling

Many people like Hansa (not pictured) have heard about the love of God through radio

Hansa and her family closed their eyes and believed in their hearts. The broadcaster prayed for those afflicted and bedridden—the same things her family was going through. After the prayer, Hansa’s uncle sat up in bed.

“I feel better,” he said, amazed. “I’m not going to die. I think Jesus healed me!”

Hansa looked at Nand, surprised. This God had mercy on her uncle—maybe He could heal her mother too.

Confused Mother

For nine years, Hansa’s mother, Roma, battled an unknown force. She roamed around their village confused. When her children would go after her, she’d yell at them, “Who are you?! You are not my children! Why are you coming after me?”

“Mummy!” Hansa and her four siblings would cry, their faces awash with tears. “Why are you doing this? We are your children. Please come back!”

But Roma would run away, convinced a man in a black dress was after her with a knife.

Learning More About Jesus

woman with a radio

Radio broadcasts like the one Hansa (not pictured) listened to are heard by millions every year

Hansa’s family tried to get Roma help. They spent thousands of pounds seeking healing that didn’t work. When Hansa’s uncle became well, Hansa wondered if there was a chance for her mother. Every waking hour, Hansa took the radio with her and listened to messages of Jesus Christ.

Once, while she and her family worked in the brickyards, they discovered a GFA Radio programme in a language very similar to their own.

The broadcaster began talking about Jesus and His power to heal and deliver. At the end, he gave the station’s phone number. They quickly engraved the number on one of the bricks, hoping they had found the healing their mother needed.

Believing for Freedom

When Hansa called the GFA Radio station, they asked if she could visit. Three days later, Hansa and her parents, siblings, cousins, aunt and uncle—14 in total—traveled more than 150 miles in search of help.

Roma’s condition had only been deteriorating. For the last five months, she had refused food. Hansa and her family wondered how much longer Roma would live. When Hansa and her family finally reached their destination, GFA pastor Kundan saw their gloomy faces.

“What happened? Why are you so sad?” he asked.

“We came to you to find a solution for my mother,” Hansa said. “Our lives are being shattered. We didn’t have any hope, but then we got hope through the radio. That radio brought us to you. We are asking you to pray for my mother, so she can be free.”

Seeing the family’s desperation, Pastor Kundan and other GFA missionaries and pastors gathered around the family and began praying for Roma. Immediately after the prayer, they noticed Roma was… different. She asked for tea and seemed more coherent than usual.

Final Deliverance

Hansa and her family spent more time with Pastor Kundan and the missionaries, asking for more prayer, more information on Jesus and someone to come back to their village to teach them more about Christ.

Hansa and her family left with a new Bible, and joy at discovering the true God who heals. Three months later, after continual prayer and fasting, God completely healed Roma. Hansa finally had her mother back.

The Power of Radio

Hansa and her family continued listening to GFA Radio, filling up with Christ’s love. One by one, she, her family and even some in her village discovered the love of God.

“Because of radio, God started working in our lives,” Hansa says. “If there was no radio, I think my mother would have died. … It’s because of God’s grace that we were able to hear the radio programme, and through that God saved our lives.”

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