Ruth’s Story – You Should Have Been a Boy!

This video demonstrates how gifts towards compassion services are making a real difference in the world. Watch Ruth’s story – You Should Have Been a Boy! and see the outstanding work being done daily in our Women’s ministry.

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Fear gripped Gethin. A cloud in his eyes dimmed his vision. No matter what he tried to do about it, what witch doctors he visited or what sacrifices he made, nothing worked. His vision steadily became worse, and with its decline came a deep-rooted fear Gethin could not shake.


Wrapping Love Around a Lonely Widow

Once again, Saadet measured out her single ration of rice. Once again, she placed it in an isolated vessel. Once again, she cooked alone. In perpetual mourning and separation, Saadet was one widow among 258 million worldwide, and she was helpless and alone. Would her plight ever change? Or was she destined to live out the rest of her days trapped in loneliness and want?

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