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How often?

It starts in the African nation of Rwanda…

…where the Lord has been clearly guiding us and going before us. GFA World has already established a young ministry through the support of our generous partners. Right now, we’re helping over 2,000 Rwandan children and their families through sponsorship, education and food programmes.

We’ve launched outreaches to the nearby areas and worked with local officials to provide needed aid to a local relocation settlement. After only a few months, our first congregation grew to more than 250 believers.

All this was a prelude to what we know God is calling us to—establishing a medical ministry that will meet the widespread healthcare needs of people in Africa, and seeing churches established where there are none. As we learned in our years of ministry in Asia, people become wonderfully open to the gospel when their most urgent needs are met, and they see how much Christ cares about them.

For more details, contact our Medical Missions coordinator, Dr Natasha, at [email protected] or call 01244 668029

GFA World has an unprecedented opportunity to bring God’s truth and healing to the people of Africa. A critical piece of this opportunity is building a hospital and medical college on the property in Rwanda that God has provided us. Not only will the hospital be one of just two prominent hospitals in Rwanda, it will also enable us to share the love of Christ with millions of people throughout Africa.

Christ at the Heart

Hear how Jesus and ministry are at the heart of our medical ministry, as Dr. Daniel Johnson shares about our medical college and 750-bed hospital in Asia, which has provided a model for our medical ministry in Africa!


The Importance of Medical Equipment

In this video, Dr. Daniel Johnson, director of our medical missions, shares some specific examples of how medical equipment has saved lives at our hospital in Asia —and the difference it will make for people in Rwanda.

Your gift today will resonate through eternity.

Your gift now will help enable us to launch medical missions across Africa while saving lives in Rwanda. You’ll enable the love of Jesus to spread in both word and deed. Most importantly, you’ll be glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ by helping those who desperately need it. And you’ll be ensuring that countless people in Africa hear the message of salvation.


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