See the Impact of Donations

Watch this short video where you can see the impact of donations received at GFA. You’ll be able to view footage of a church building constructed in Asia through support from our GFA partners, see one of the many Jesus Wells connected to the church working in action and learn more about the impact of your donations in the mission field.

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Magnifying the Praise of God

Jiva sat outside her home with her husband, Vahaan, distractedly washing dishes. Pain and severe discomfort from her illness typically preoccupied her mind, but not right now—the words and songs coming from a nearby building captured her full attention. Vahaan listened intently, too, then he uttered a short sentence, and they both walked purposefully out of their courtyard.


A Church Without a Home

Sanjivan had lain paralysed and bedridden for several years. There was no cure, there was no hope. And he was so young. He barely had the chance to live out his life. Then Sanjivan and his family met Pastor Ekanpreet.

“When we talked about God’s healing, care and love to them, there was a hope in this family,” Ekanpreet shares.


The Church that Ended the Gossip

Could a church without a building really be trusted? People were talking. Not just any people: fellow Christians. They saw the place where Naisha, Sahaj and other believers met to worship the Lord and they started to gossip.


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