Major Earthquake hits Turkey and Syria

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Two major earthquakes have rocked Turkey and Syria and have caused more than 44,000 deaths so far.1 Tens of thousands of buildings have turned to rubble and millions have been displaced from their homes.2 These families and individuals are in need of shelter, clothing, food and medical support. GFA World is working with our partners to bring relief to earthquake survivors. People on the ground in Turkey are already meeting urgent needs and distributing emergency aid. Plans are also underway for our partner’s doctors and medical staff from Asia to go help with the relief operation in Turkey.

As we have engaged in disaster relief over the years, we have learned that danger lasts long after the tremors have stopped and see this need as an ongoing work to bring hope for the suffering in Turkey. In these winter conditions, the need for shelter and food is even more dire. Please give today to extend help and hope in the name of Christ to those who are suffering.

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2. Erin O’Brien“After Turkey’s quake, some people left homeless say they haven’t eaten in days?” NPR. Updated February 11, 2023