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We believe in sustainably supporting those in need: by raising up national missionaries in eighteen countries to reach people that need to experience love from both God and their communities. We want to lift up the broken, serve the weary, and give hope to a diverse world.

Devastating Earthquake Hits Turkey

Who We Are

Our mission in life is to be devout followers of Christ and to live lives fully pleasing to Him. Therefore, since 1979, we have been committed to serving the “least of these” in Asia and Africa, often in places where no one else is serving, so they can experience the love of God for the first time.

What does this mean for us? We have an extraordinary challenge in front of us to collaborate with indigenous missionaries around the world and make an impact now and for generations to come.

Since our worldwide inception in 1979…


national missionaries sent out


countries loved and served


received clean drinking water


Jesus wells each year


children sponsored


families taught proper sanitation

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Whether you want to make a donation or sponsor a missionary or child, we’re so excited that your passion is leading you to get involved.


Donations and sponsorships are important, but one of our greatest assets is the transforming power of prayer.

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Giving Categories

National Missionaries

By giving to our National Missionary category, you will help equip our workers to be the hands and feet of God.

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Child Sponsorship

By giving to our Child Sponsorship category, you will help to change the life of a child and their community forever.

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Sharing the Love of God

By giving to Sharing the Love of God, you will help GFA workers tell people about Jesus!

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Compassion Services

By giving to our Compassion Services category, you will help give relief in urgent situations.

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

By giving to our Breaking the Cycle of Poverty category, you will help provide families with gifts that will help change their future.

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Church Buildings

By giving to our Church Building category, you will help to provide a safe space for people to worship the Lord.

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By giving to our Livestock Category, you will help provide families with animals to help them create a stable income.

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Radio Broadcasts

By giving to our Radio Broadcast category, you will help to reach the most unreached places with a message of hope through the simple radio broadcast.

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Clean Water

By giving to our Clean Water category, you will help GFA’s clean water ministry that delivers safe, disease-free water to families in Asia and Africa.

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Bibles and Literature

By giving to our Bibles and Literature category, you will help to send Bibles for workers to give out.

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Medical Ministry

Too poor to afford things like vitamins, fruits and vegetables—or routine doctor visits—families in poverty are left vulnerable against simple diseases, which can eventually threaten lives.

Medical Ministry
“These words you put on paper were obviously inspired from our Father. This book brought tears and ‘God bumps’ to me throughout my reading. Between you, Francis Chan and David Platt, I am so convicted to do more in the name of Christ!”

Mrs. R.H., Ohio, USA

“After reading No Longer a Slumdog, my heart longed to help as many children as I could. Thank you GFA for finding these children who are precious beyond words and for giving them schooling and so much more!”

Joy, Twickenham, UK

I am currently reading Revolution in World Missions and am blown away by what I read. My wife and I have been longing for the Lord to reveal what is our next step. This book has helped

Mr D, Australia

K.P. Yohannan’s book draws the Church back to the very heart of what Christ has called us to do. I would urge every Christian, and especially every pastor, to read this book with a humble
heart before the Lord. I’m reading it through again, and it’s still a heart-stirring blessing.

Pastor M, Worthing

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Read about the incredible journey of GFA World, from the humble beginnings through a small village boy, through miraculous divine interventions, courageous sacrifices, and unexpected blessings.  Read how the Lord can use the life of one unassuming ordinary person to make a difference for eternity.

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Our Team

Our office here in the UK is run by a community-oriented team who have a huge passion for sharing the Gospel to the unreached. Furthermore, we have been serving the mission field in the UK for 25 years and we’re just as excited about our vision as we were when we started!

Meet our team

A Slum Child’s Return

The faintest hints of the sun’s rays begin to streak across the sky and bounce off the plastic-tarp rooftops as one man makes his way along the narrow alleyways of the slum. Some people recognize him and smile; others take little notice. Many have known him since childhood. The man steps around dirty puddles and piles of garbage; he ducks under low-hanging wash lines, strung between houses and laden with wet clothes. Every morning, Pastor Martin walks this route with purpose and prayer.

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

National Missionaries

Church Buildings

Compassion Services

Compassion Services

Compassion Services

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

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