Uplifting Marginalised Women

In the world today, the largest people group still waiting to hear of Jesus’ love for the first time is women.  They also suffer more than any other group; some from unfortunate circumstances, some from violence, others simply for not being able to read, causing them to be trapped in a cycle of poverty.

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How often?

GFA National Missionaries work hard to bring healing and hope. They touch thousands of lives with the tangible love of God through women’s literacy programmes, ministry to widows, and women’s fellowship groups. As a result, women who might have gone without help due to their circumstances have been blessed with much-needed support!

Compassion transforms communities!

In so many places around the world, women live in desperation without safe people or safe places to turn to. It’s our dream to give women the opportunity to look after themselves, their families, and have a bright future with the hope of Jesus.

Our women Missionaries and volunteers help women by ministering to and providing support for women and widows. We also run women’s literacy programmes across Africa and Asia, which is a skill that empowers women to be able to work, travel, and not be taken advantage of. 

Your gift could go towards a number of areas. For example:

Changing Lives Eternally

We have the opportunity to change lives not only here and now, but eternally in Asia and Africa. Did you know that around 80,000 people die every day in the 10/40 Window? Accordingly, some of their lives may end without ever hearing about the love of God. For this reason, we can make a choice today that will forever change the fate of those who have yet to hear.

Be a part of changing entire communities

Did you know that many widows around the world remain destitute, alone, and shunned?

This “invisible” group of women has been historically unsupported and neglected. Widows are just one of the many groups and communities of women who need to be seen, need to know Christ’s love, and need our help!

That’s why GFA missionaries regularly minister to widows in the communities they serve. We compassionately care for these precious women, showing God’s love by helping them with everyday chores, listening to them, encouraging them, praying for them and providing them with food and other essentials as well as income-generating gifts to empower them to earn a living for themselves and their children.

You can be a part of transforming lives by donating or joining us in prayer today!

Uplifting Marginalised Women

Hope for Suffering Women thumbnail image

Hope for Suffering Women

Bring immediate aid to women in Asia by giving to the Hope for Suffering Women fund.
Women's Literacy thumbnail image

Women's Literacy

There are over 250 million women in Asia who are illiterate. Even if they want to read, there is no way to learn . . . until now. With your help, women in Asia can learn to read and will be equipped to tackle life’s hurdles.
Widows and Abandoned Children thumbnail image

Widows and Abandoned Children

Blamed for their husband’s death, widows in South Asian society are viewed as cursed and left to fend for themselves.


Compassion Services

Compassion Services

Compassion Services

Compassion Services

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