Pray for Widows

For widows in place like Asia and Africa, life can be doubly difficult. They live with the sadness of their loss. But they can also face stigma and discrimination. Many people may blame them for their husband’s death. People may think they are cursed. It’s even common for widows’ own families to reject them! Many heartbroken widows are left to fend for themselves.

“In much of Africa, marriage is the sole basis for women’s access to social and economic rights, and these are lost upon divorce or widowhood.” That’s according to the World Bank. The United Nations estimates there are 258 million widows worldwide and that one in 10 widows lives in extreme poverty.

These widows have numerous needs. And they long to be loved and cared for. GFA missionaries are sharing help and hope with widows in Asia and Africa.

Join us this month as we pray for widows and GFA’s widow ministry.

Pray for Widow’s Financial Provision

Because of the stigma of widowhood, widows don’t have many job options. This can make it hard to make ends meet. And of course, many have young children to feed. Some may rely on charity, but many widows need a sustainable way to provide for their families. We’re so excited every time we can help them. GFA missionaries often give widows gifts that bring an income. Something simple like a sewing machine or a goat can be life changing!

Please pray God will provide for widows’ everyday needs. Pray they will have a sustainable source of income and provision. Pray that they and their children won’t go hungry. Pray GFA missionaries will have the resources to provide widows in their communities with gifts that will help them survive, and even thrive.

Pray for GFA Missionaries

GFA missionaries minister to widows in various ways. They love to visit and care for them. Often, it’s like they fill the role of a son or daughter who has rejected them. And that means a lot. They encourage them and pray for them. They also help practically, providing gifts to meet their needs.

Please pray that GFA missionaries will effectively minister to the widows in their communities. Pray they will know how best to help. Pray God will give them a special love for these dear women as they care for them.

Pray for Widows to Experience Christ’s Love

Many widows have suffered a lot in life. Of course, a widow has lost her husband, and the way he provided for her.  But many widows in Asia and Africa must also endure the shame of being blamed for his death. People may reject and abandon them. They need to experience true love, sometimes for the first time. They need healing for their hurting hearts.

Please pray that widows will experience Christ’s love. Pray that widows will receive inner healing from wounds of the past.

Pray for Community

Widows in Asia and Africa are often rejected, even by their own families. This means there may be no-one to care for them. They may not have a single friend to talk to. These women need people who can surround them with love and support. It’s life-changing to find a community who can become surrogate family members for them. GFA missionaries encourage them and care for widows. And many find a family in our women’s fellowships.

Please pray that widows will have a community of people who love them and care for them, especially in times of need. Pray they receive the relational support they need to thrive.

Pray for Changed Perception

Widows in Asia and Africa can suffer a lot, and it’s mostly because of misguided opinions about their status in society. Many people blame them for their husband’s death. People say they are cursed, and reject them. It’s normal in their culture, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Please pray for a change in attitudes towards widows. Pray that families and societies in these regions will see widows as precious people to be cared for, and not inherently cursed. Pray that widows will be treasured, and not scorned.


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