Pray for outreaches sharing the love of God


National Missionaries often have to travel a long way to reach the communities they minister to. They can also face opposition and many other hardships in their daily lives. Those who minister in the slums or other needy areas may see or hear some tragic things that are painful to mentally and emotionally process. Let’s pray that they have the energy and capacity to carry on through those difficult days and remember God’s love for them and those they serve.


National Missionaries and their families are exposed to the same diseases and dangers as everyone else in their communities, as well as sometimes being targeted by people who don’t agree with them sharing God’s love. Let’s pray that God will protect them, their health, and their hearts as they minister to those most in need.


There are so many people who still haven’t heard about God’s love! We pray that more people will boldly take on the calling to minister in their communities, practically sharing God’s love and encouraging people spiritually.


National Missionaries need vehicles, equipment and provisions to carry out their ministry in their communities. Let’s pray that these are provided in miraculous ways – our work wouldn’t be done without these much-needed tools. Every time these gifts are given, our National Missionaries are so encouraged by what God is doing in the hearts of those who donate!


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National Missionaries

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National Missionaries

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Sharing the Love of God