Pray for outreaches sharing the love of God

Our heartbeat at GFA World is our passion to share God’s love. National missionaries creatively share God’s love in all kinds of ways. They do whatever works best right where they are. Like sitting with someone on the street where they live. Or taking the love of God into a leprosy colony. Or holding special events to show people that God loves them.

Let’s pray together that God will bless everything the missionaries do, and touch many with His love!


Sharing God’s love takes energy and determination. National Missionaries can travel for hours to get to the people they minister to. They can face opposition and struggles in their daily lives. If they are sharing in the slums or with the very poor, they might see sad things that could get them down. But they lovingly show up to help. Please pray that God will give them strength and joy each day. Pray that they will deeply know God’s love for them and for the people they serve.


National Missionaries minister with joy and love. But they and their families don’t have it easy. They get exposed to the same diseases and dangers as everyone else. They can face challenges as they share God’s love. Let’s pray that God will protect them, their health and their hearts as they share with those most in need.


We are so excited that God is doing amazing things as His love is shared! But there are still so many people who haven’t heard about God’s love yet. Pray that many more willing servants will boldly take on the calling to minister to people in need. Pray that God will help them to practically share His love and encourage people spiritually.


National Missionaries need tools for the task. Simple things like vehicles, film equipment, booklets and bicycles can make ministry so much easier! Let’s pray that these will be provided in miraculous ways. Every time these gifts are given, our missionaries are so encouraged by what God is doing in the hearts of those who donate!


National Missionaries

September 2023

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National Missionaries

National Missionaries

National Missionaries

National Missionaries