Pray for GFA World’s Medical Ministry

“At least half of the world’s population cannot obtain essential health services”. That’s from a report by the World Bank and World Health Organisation.1 For the poor living in developing areas (like the places where our missionaries serve), it’s really hard to get medical help. People don’t earn much money, and healthcare often just costs too much. Or maybe the health centre is just too far away. Or both. So many people suffer needlessly from health problems that could have been treated, or prevented altogether. Around 2.9 million people die every year because they couldn’t get the healthcare that would have saved their lives.2

We are so excited that we are helping to change that! Our medical ministry provides free health care for people who need it. At a GFA medical camp, a team of skilled doctors and medical staff bring expertise and medication into hard-to-reach areas. Usually, they serve between 200 and 1000 people who couldn’t get to a doctor otherwise! Our missionaries also bring teaching and awareness programmes about how to stay healthy. And they save lives that way, too! These teams bring healing and help in Jesus’ name, showing what His love is like as they meet very real needs.

Your prayers for medical ministry will help this work to thrive!

(1) “World Bank and WHO: Half the World Lacks Access to Essential Health Services, 100 million Still Pushed into Extreme Poverty Because of Health Expenses.” The World Bank. December 13, 2017.  Read more here.

(2) “Every Year Nearly 6 Million People Die in Developing Countries from Low Quality Healthcare – This Is How We Help Them.” World Economic Forum.  November 25, 2019. Read more here.

Pray for Health

Many people in the areas our missionaries serve in are daily wage labourers. This means that they work for a day, and then the family eat for that day. As a result, it’s difficult for them to afford healthcare. If parents are ill, they can’t provide for their families. If children are ill, they can’t get the education they need for the future. So good health helps to break the cycle of poverty.

Please pray that God will keep the poor healthy and strong.

Pray that God will help our missionaries to raise awareness about healthy living, so that families can stay healthy and thrive.

Pray for Provision

We are so excited that GFA World’s medical camps have helped thousands of people to get free medical treatment and medication! However, many more people need this life-giving help. Medical camps are made possible partly by the generous support of loving partners on the other side of the world.

Please pray that God will provide for medical care for many people and communities who need it.

Pray that God will raise up generous believers who have a heart for this ministry.

Pray for Personnel

For each medical camp, GFA World missionaries work with local medical professionals. These teams work together to bring health care to places that don’t have good health care facilities. The teams travel to remote areas, slums and other hard-to-reach places. Sometimes, they put themselves at risk of danger or disease. Each medical team needs enough workers, and for those workers to be kept safe.

Please pray that there will be enough medical professionals for each medical camp. Pray that God will keep them safe.

Pray that medical professionals and local people will experience God’s love through our missionaries.

Pray for Participants’ Spiritual Needs

Everything that our missionaries do in medical ministry is done in the name and love of Jesus. They serve and care for the sick as if they are ministering to Christ Himself (see Matthew 25:36). As people experience God’s love through these believers, their lives can be impacted for eternity. As well as offering physical help, our missionaries love to offer prayer and spiritual support.

Please pray that the people who come to medical camps will experience God’s love through the care of His people. Pray God will touch their hearts and meet their spiritual needs.

Pray for Discernment

Lots of people and communities would be blessed by a free medical camp. Poor families often need medical help but just can’t afford it. 4.13 billion people in hard-to-reach areas have to walk over an hour just to get to any kind of healthcare centre! When they get there, they might not even be able to afford the help they need. 3 We love to respond and are thrilled about the difference it’s making. But, with so many opportunities, our leaders need God to show them where to go next.

Please pray God will guide our missionaries, showing them when and where to hold medical camps.