Pray for Those Who Need Winter Clothing & Blankets

Warm layers can change lives. For people in cold places, winter brings dangers. Some of the countries we serve in have very cold climates. And winter can even bring the threat of death. Many people live in homes that don’t keep them warm. The poor can’t afford to buy warm clothing. On cold days, they do what they can. They layer old, worn jackets and threadbare blankets around their families and huddle around a small fire. They go outside as little as possible. It’s difficult for adults to work. If any children have access to school, studying is much more difficult in the winter. But we are seeing lives changed through simple gifts of warm clothes and blankets.

National missionaries also get cold. Their love for Jesus keeps them going outside to share God’s love. But it’s harder, and they can’t do as much. They might need to wait for the sun to get warmer, or stay closer to their homes. It’s harder to sleep, and sometimes they get ill. So we love to help them with warm clothing! A packet of warm clothes transforms the winter for them.

Please join us in praying for winter clothing and blankets for people who need them.

Pray for Health

In the cold, it’s easier to become ill. Viruses spread more easily. And people’s immune systems can be weaker. People without warm clothing or enough shelter can’t do anything to escape. This makes them more vulnerable to disease. Our missionaries in cold climates, and the people they serve, often become ill. In the winter, they frequently suffer from sicknesses caused by the cold. These could be breathing problems, various aches, cracked skin, colds and pneumonia.

Please pray that God will protect our missionaries who work in cold climates. Pray that He will keep the people they serve safe. Pray for strong immune systems and for people to stay healthy.

Pray for Restful Sleep

In the bitter cold, it’s harder to sleep. Lack of sleep can drain people’s mental capabilities and endanger their health. 1 This makes it harder to complete daily tasks, because mind and bodies aren’t functioning normally. And poor sleep can be linked to health problems. These include a weakened immune system and an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. These risks are added to the other health problems caused by exposure to the cold.

Please pray that our missionaries and the people they serve will get enough rest. Pray that they will have what they need to keep warm at night.

(1) Watson, Stephanie & Kristeen Cherney. “The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body.”  May 15, 2020. Read more here

Pray for GFA Missionaries in Need of Warm Clothing

Winter doesn’t just bring problems. It also brings opportunities. As people spend time huddled around a fire indoors, missionaries can minister to them. Many missionaries brave the cold to share Jesus’ love with others. But missionaries who don’t have enough warm clothing are limited. They might have to stay at home for longer, or travel less. Warm clothes or blankets would help them sleep better, stay healthier and travel farther.

Please pray every missionary serving in the cold will be kept warm. Pray God will guide and bless their fireside conversations. Pray that many people will find hope in the warmth of God’s love.

Pray for Discernment in Distributing Blankets and Winter Clothing

We are so excited that we are able to change lives through warm blankets. Because of generous donors in the West, many warm blankets are handed out each year. These protect people from winter temperatures and illness. However, the need is great. Many men, and children continue to struggle with the cold. Our missionaries need wisdom to know who needs help most. They need God’s guidance to distribute warm blankets and clothes in the wisest way.

Please pray for abundant provision. Pray that the Holy Spirit will show the missionaries the best way to use the resources they have. Pray that He will guide them to the people in greatest need. Please pray that everyone who needs a warm blanket will receive one.

Pray Gift Recipients Will Feel the Warmth of God’s Love

The gift of a warm blanket can make a huge difference to someone in need. A blanket can give physical warmth, and point to spiritual hope. Blankets change lives by protecting people, but they also show Christ’s love and care. A blanket given in Jesus’ Name can open hearts to God’s love.

Please pray that people who receive blankets will experience the warmth of God’s love. Pray that they will open their hearts, and that their lives would be changed forever.



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