Pray for National Missionaries

GFA World national missionaries have a heart to share God’s love with the people around them. Because they work with their own people (or people nearby), they don’t face many cultural barriers. God is using these dedicated servants in so many impactful ways! They often work where no-one else is serving, sharing God’s love with people who have never heard of it. We’re so excited by how lives are being transformed, and how people are finding eternal hope through Jesus!
Although our National missionaries are seeing daily miracles, they also face a lot of challenges. We’re so encouraged that God helps and strengthens them as we pray together – we’d love for you to join us in prayer!

Pray for Resources

National missionaries live simply, like the people they serve. But they still need support to live and minister. Just like all of us, they need to feed their families! As they travel far and wide to share God’s love, they need resources so they can tangibly show Jesus’ kindness and generosity to others. This helps them give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, and gifts to the poor.

Please pray missionaries will have the resources they need to serve the people around them. Pray God will raise up generous partners in the UK to provide for our missionaries’ needs!


Pray for Discernment

Missionaries can show Jesus’ love in lots of different ways. For example, some communities desperately need proper sanitation, like toilets. Others may need income-generation gifts like goats or sewing machines. Our missionaries assess the unique needs where they are and they pray for wisdom so they can respond to those needs in the best way – they need to know from God what would be the most impactful in each community or home!

Please pray God will give our missionaries wisdom. Pray they can respond in the best way to show God’s love for each person in need.

Pray for More Missionaries

There is so much work to be done and so many needs around the world. But the workers are few! We are so excited about the impact our missionaries have had already throughout the years, but many more people still need to know about Jesus’ love. We believe your prayers can help call a whole new generation of missionaries!

Please pray God will call many more missionaries. Pray that they will be called, willing, anointed and effectively equipped for God’s work.

Pray for Renewal

Our missionaries see so much heartbreak and hurt every single day. It would be easy for them to grow weary of seeing so much pain and doing so much good. Some may feel alone or tired or heavy. Missionaries need to be strengthened and renewed by God’s comfort and healing.

Please pray for national missionaries to be encouraged and renewed. Pray that God will strengthen them by His Holy Spirit and that they will feel His comforting presence.

Pray for Open Hearts

Our missionaries meet all kinds of people, from all kinds of walks of life, with all kinds of stories. Some of them might not be open to hearing about God’s love or they may desperately want someone to pray and encourage them. No matter what their story, everyone needs Jesus’ love. But only God can open their hearts!

Please pray God will open hearts to His love. Pray that God will transform lives as our missionaries share Jesus’ love in their words and actions.


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