Compassion Services

By giving to our Compassion Services category, you will help give relief in urgent situations.

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How often?

What does it mean to have compassion? Compassion means taking pity on those less fortunate. It is reaching out and offering a helping hand to others, and it is the fundamental purpose of GFA World’s Compassion Services.

GFA National Missionaries toil to bring healing and hope. They touch thousands of lives with the tangible love of God through slum, leprosy, medical and disaster relief ministries. Thanks to them, men, women and children who otherwise might have gone without help due to their circumstances have been blessed with much-needed aid.

Your gift for Compassion Services could go towards:
  • Abandoned children
  • Medical ministry
  • Widows’ ministry
  • Disaster relief
  • Outdoor toilets
  • Women’s ministry
  • Women’s literacy

It only takes as little as £10 to have a huge impact in bringing the kind of compassion that can only be found in Christ to those who need it.

Changing lives eternally

We have the opportunity to change lives not only here and now, but eternally in Asia. Did you know that around 80,000 people die every day in the 10/40 Window? Some of their lives may end without ever hearing about the love of God. We can make a choice today that will forever change the fate of those who have yet to hear.

Compassion Services

Abandoned Children / Street Children thumbnail image

Abandoned Children / Street Children

Millions of children find themselves discarded, orphaned, abused in the sex trade or kidnapped and sold into bonded labour.
Compassion Services thumbnail image

Compassion Services

Compassion Services meets the needs of people in dire
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Outdoor Toilet

Approximately 2.4 million deaths could be prevented annually if people had appropriate hygiene practices, including reliable sanitation.


Compassion Services

Compassion Services

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