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Prevention is always better than the cure. But what if you can’t access either? Too poor to afford things like vitamins, vegetables, or routine doctor visits, families in need are left vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses. If untreated, these illnesses can eventually put their lives at risk. Medical camps are a huge part of GFA’s medical ministry.They offer free professional medical care and bring skilled doctors, medical staff, medicine and health education to areas where people rarely get to even see a doctor.

Prevention Can Save Lives

Some of the hardest-hit communities are in Asia and Africa, where poverty and destitution provide illnesses a way in.

Millions are unable to afford medical care and nutritious food and, as a result, find themselves afflicted by disease and illness. For most people, accessing healthcare is pretty simple. We travel to our local GP or hospital, receive treatment, and pay a small fee for medicine. But 3.5 billion people (almost half of the world’s population) lack access to vital health services.*

Around 2.9 million people die every year because they couldn’t get the healthcare that would have saved lives. So many people suffer needlessly from health problems that could have been treated or prevented altogether.**

1,267 Medical Camps Held in 2019

“In each of these camps, between 200 and 1,000 people are being helped with basic medical knowledge and needs. The GFA-supported medical camps are a huge impact to each of the communities, to help build up the community in health and wellness, because any nation that doesn’t have quality medical care really struggles.”
—Mike, GFA USA Staff

Medical Camps Provide Free Medical Care

GFA offering healthcare to people reflects how God cares for those in need across Asia and Africa in the most practical of ways!

Do you know some of the most common illnesses we see at our medical camps? Fever, eye disease, stomach flu, itching, colds, coughs, chickenpox, yellow fever, severe headaches, stomach problems, anaemia and other diseases are often treated at medical camps. Patients with more serious struggles, like heart problems, gallstones or kidney failure, are referred for more tests and treatment.

Medical camps are sometimes held in GFA Child Sponsorship Programme centres, remote villages, or even crowded slums! Any place where medical care is needed. One camp usually serves anywhere from 200-1,000 children and adults. Local medical professionals are also invited to come serve at the camp, providing free paediatric and general healthcare and eye checkups. We love that our GFA medical ministry can collaborate with local communities!

As a result, they are able to display the love of Jesus to each and every one, the sick and those that serve them.

What is the impact of a medical camp on a family?

The impact of a medical camp can be much greater than simply a checkup or a round of antibiotics! Parents and children learn how to protect themselves from all kinds of  illnesses, which can change their lives forever. Medical camps also open up conversation around incorrect beliefs about medicine. These false beliefs often stop the sick or pregnant from seeking medical help.

A healthy family means less time being sick and more time being well enough to work. It means more money spent on food and education instead of on medicine. It also means hope for a healthy, long life instead of an early death. Medical ministry also provides an opportunity for national workers to pray for those who are ill. This helps build strong and deep relationships with communities.

Just £10 can make an impact greater than you know for someone’s health + future!

Help us launch medical missions across Africa!

GFA World has an unprecedented opportunity to bring God’s truth and healing to the people of Africa. A big piece of this opportunity is building a hospital and medical college in Rwanda. God has already provided us with the land to build the facilities and we are so excited to get started on this project!

Not only will the hospital be one of just two major hospitals in Rwanda, it will also give us the space and opportunity to impact millions of people in multiple countries across the continent.

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