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By giving to our Radio Broadcasts category, you will help to reach the most unreached places with a message of hope through the simple radio broadcast.

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How often?

Since 1986, God has used GFA-supported radio programmes to bring His message of love to people across Asia. Radio broadcasts can cross treacherous terrain to share with people who are hungering for a love greater than the world can offer. Walls cannot keep this faithful messenger away, so hope-filled programmes can be heard within prisons, hospitals and even brothels.

It only takes as little as £5 to have a huge impact in giving towards Radio Broadcasts so many can hear about the love of God and know what Jesus has done for them.

Changing lives eternally

We have the opportunity to change lives not only here and now, but eternally in Asia. Did you know that around 80,000 people die every day in the 10/40 Window? Some of their lives may end without ever hearing about the love of God. We can make a choice today that will forever change the fate of those who have yet to hear.

Searching for Jesus Through the Radio

Hansa’s uncle, Nand, lay in bed, succumbing to the tuberculosis that ravaged his body. “I am going to die,” he moaned. “Let me hear something pleasant. Let me have happiness in my life.” He had been bedridden for months; his only consolation in life was listening to the radio. So Hansa’s cousin turned it on and scanned the stations, looking for something to ease Nand’s mind.

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Radio Broadcasts

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Battery Powered Radio

Men and women in Asia can hear hundreds of programs over GFA Radio.
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Broadcasting the Good News

Broadcasting provides the opportunity for communities to learn about the love of Christ through radio programming, social media platforms and other key internet communication channels.