How Pigs Became an Answer to Prayer

Clenched in poverty’s tight grip, Missael struggled to provide for his wife and three children. Missael, who only got to attend school for a brief period of time, was illiterate. With limited job possibilities, he earned income primarily by working as a daily wage labourer. Sometimes he travelled far distances for work and sent money home.

How Pigs Became an Answer to Prayer

Missael and his family knew the Lord, and prayed for God’s provision.

Still, many days he didn’t find work. He desperately wanted his children to receive the quality education he never got, but he couldn’t afford the fees required for a good school. Worse, the family went some days without food in their tiny, dilapidated home.

Missael knew Jesus, and he asked the Lord to help him provide for his family. He prayed not to become rich but for God to meet his family’s basic needs.

Abundant Provision, Overflowing Gratitude

When Missael was invited to a GFA-supported Christmas gift distribution, he came in desperate need of tin sheets, which would provide proper shelter. But after receiving the gift, Missael realised he faced another problem: He couldn’t afford transportation to haul them home. Thankfully, when Missael asked to exchange gifts with a friend, the man traded his pair of pigs for the tin sheets.

Missael realised God had answered his prayers for provision in a way he never expected. Delighted with their gifts and feeling a responsibility to take care of them, Missael and his wife diligently provided the pigs with nutritious food. With a diet that included wild plants and cooked pumpkin, the pigs grew large and soon gave birth to piglets.

Missael sold some piglets to purchase what he once couldn’t bring home: tin sheets. In addition to completing needed home improvements, Missael and his wife were able to pay for school fees and supplies for their school-aged son, and they have also been able to purchase new clothes.

How Pigs Became an Answer to Prayer

Missael and his family are grateful for the pig they received

“After getting these piglets, I really have seen the works of prayer and what faith can really do,” Missael says. “My faith is growing day by day.”

Seeing God’s compassion and care toward his family, Missael looks forward to what He will do in his children’s lives. He prays that one day, whether they become pastors or engineers, his children will serve Jesus and share His love with others. Through the gift of a pair of pigs, God has shown Missael and his wife that He provides for His children—more abundantly than they could imagine.

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