Pray for People to Receive Animals


Every day our National Missionaries see many people who need practical and spiritual support. We pray that God will lead them to those who need His love the most.


We hope gifts of animals will be a practical sign of God’s love to a family for generations to come. Let’s pray that they will understand that it was God that has provided for them and that they will experience Christ’s love through this experience! LASTING IMPACT – The gift of one or two animals could be the beginning of an income which supports a family for decades. Join with us in prayer that those who receive the gift of livestock have the knowledge they need to nurture their animals for the the best and longest-lasting results.

Changed Lives

The income from a livestock gift can make the difference in a family’s life to lift them out of poverty. Let’s pray that these gifts will be transformational and bring about incredible change for those who receive them and also their communities.




September 2018

How Pigs Became an Answer to Prayer

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