Pray for children in need

Kids in developing nations, such as those in Asia and Africa, face many challenges. And COVID-19 hasn’t made their lives any easier. Now, more than ever, children need support and protection so they don’t fall prey to dangers. These can include abuse, child labour, child marriage, trafficking or other forms of exploitation.

But we see God doing wonderful things in children’s lives. And we believe that prayer will continue to make a difference.

Pray for Our Child Sponsorship Programme

We are so excited about how God is changing children’s lives and bringing hope! Our Child Sponsorship Programme invests in children’s lives through care and education. Sponsorship gives children opportunities for a bright future. The love and dedication of the staff who care for the children often leaves a lasting mark on the children and their families.

Pray for Homes for Street Children

Tragically, millions of children in Asia and Africa live on the streets. This is often because they were abandoned by their families or ran away from an abusive home. In rare cases, children simply got lost and couldn’t get home. These kids desperately need to be reunited with their families or taken into a loving home where they will be cared for. We are thrilled be able to help some of these children in our two Street Children’s Homes. There, children are cared for in Jesus’ Name. And some have even been reunited with their families!

Please pray God will give wisdom and resources to children protection agencies, to help each street child. Also ask Him to help us and other Christian ministries provide care to these precious children. Pray for God’s help and blessing on our Street Children’s Homes.

Pray for Education

Education can change lives. School helps kids learn about life, develop their skills and unlock future opportunities. For some children, school is one of the only safe places they can go. We are so excited that our children’s centres are a lifeline for many children. At a Children’s Centre, children find love, encouragement, a daily healthy meal, help with schooling and medical care. Most of all, they have a chance to experience God’s love. Struggling children begin to thrive as a whole new world opens up to them!

Pray for God’s blessing for our Child Sponsorship Programme. Pray for wisdom for the staff who care for the children. Pray that we can sponsor many more children and help them find hope for now and eternity.

Pray Against Exploitation

Sadly, children can face many dangers. Children, especially from broken homes, often face trafficking and abuse. This could look like child labour, sexual exploitation, child marriage or forced begging. These kinds of exploitation steal children’s freedom, damage their health and shadow their lives with trauma.

Pray that families will be able to keep their children safe. Pray that law enforcement workers will find and rescue children in need. Pray that God will help our missionaries and workers to keep the children in their communities safe.

(2) Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2020. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Pray for Provision and Health

COVID-19 caused a lot of problems, including the threat of starvation. Lots of poor families have been unable to work. Many families are much poorer now than they were before Covid. Many families face the danger of starving to death. Families, especially in poor communities, find it hard to feed their kids. When kids are malnourished, their immune system can be weakened, too. 3

We are so excited that we have been able to feed many struggling families and communities. Our missionaries and child sponsorship staff have been helping to provide warm meals and groceries. And this lifeline is touching hearts and lives in a profound way.

Please pray that God will help our workers feed children, families and communities in need. Ask God to protect children from starvation.

(3) “Nutrition and Immunity | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.” Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. November 2, 2021.

Pray for Kids Who’ve Lost Parents

Things get much harder for children when their parents die, or when their mum or dad abandons them. Often, grandparents, aunts, uncles or even older siblings have to fill the gap. But sometimes they can’t do that (or don’t want to). Even when their relatives can help them, these kids may still have a hole deep inside from their loss. We believe God can meet these children and minister to them in a special way.

Pray that God will be close to children who have lost a mum or dad, or both. Pray He will keep them safe and meet their needs. Pray that our GFA missionaries and staff can love and encourage these little ones.


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