Pray For the Cycle of Poverty to be Broken

You can help pray for communities and families to receive gifts that will help change their future!

Every year, we distribute thousands of life-changing + income-generating gifts such as sewing machines or fishing nets that can change a family’s life by breaking the cycle of poverty and giving their children a better future!

Billions of people still have never heard of Christ’s love or received a gift before. Join us in prayer as we pray for the cycle of poverty to be broken!


It takes time, wisdom and planning for our National Missionaries to put together an event to give out gifts that will bless people in their communities. We pray that God will cover every gift with His grace + protection.



Many of the gifts in the Breaking the Cycle of Poverty category are designed to help people make a sustainable, long-term income. Let’s pray that God will bless their efforts and that the new work they’re able to do will make enough money to meet all their needs and more besides!


Every single person who receives a gift hears about how God loves and cares for them! Join with us in prayer to pray that all who receieve a gift are encouraged and changed by knowing God’s love – we want to see more and more people know the healing + restoration that Jesus brings to everyone’s lives!

Long Lasting Impact

Our National Missionaries give out carefully chosen, high quality gifts (which lines up with our love for being sustainable). For a gift to truly make an impact and to bring a family out of poverty, it needs to last as long as possible. Let’s pray for God’s protection on these gifts and pray that they will last for longer than we could possibly imagine.


Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

November 2022

Seeking Warmth Among Rags

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty