Pray for our UK office


GFA World’s office leaders have to decide how best to use their resources, to bring God’s love to as many people as possible! Let’s pray that God will guide their decision-making and lead them to those who need them most. IMPACT –Everything we do at GFA World, we do to bring God’s love and hope to the millions who have never heard it. Let’s pray that we will always be true to this mission and that those we serve will know the life changing power of God’s love.

Lasting Legacy

We want to help families and communities thrive for as many years as possible. Join us in prayer that the support and the physical gifts we fund will have an ongoing and incredible impact on the families and communities we serve.

The GFA UK Team

We are made up of men and women serving behind the scenes in GFA’s administration offices – our team is a vital link between GFA partners around the globe and ministry that happens on the field. Let’s pray that we keep going for as long as we possibly can (hopefully till we’re old and grey!) and stay focused as we serve the Lord.

Pray for Other Areas of Ministry