Pray for clean water


Drinking dirty water can cause diseases like typhoid, cholera and dysentery. We pray that people are protected from these diseases and we also pray for good health for our National Missionaries and their communities as they serve them.

Guidance for Leaders

Millions of people worldwide need access to clean water, and we constantly hear of new villages and communities in need. Join with us in prayer that God will show us where to build Jesus Wells for the biggest impact + change!


Women and girls often have to walk a long way to collect water and sadly, this makes them vulnerable to attack. Let’s pray that these women and girls will be protected from physical harm.


Clean water provided by Jesus Wells and BioSand Water Filters is a practical expression of God’s love. Let’s pray God will transform hearts through this expression and let’s pray each person who tastes the clean water from a Jesus Well or BioSand Water Filter will also know the truth about the Living Water from God.

Pray for Other Areas of Ministry


Clean Water

Clean Water

Clean Water

April 2019

Villages in Danger

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